New Castle County Head Start, Inc. uses Creative Curriculum, Teaching Strategies Gold, Doors to Discovery and The Pyramid Model for supporting Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning as the foundations for the program’s curriculum.

Photo of teacher working with several studentsCreative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold help students use the classroom environment productively and see themselves as capable learners. A carefully organized and print-rich setting is the foundation of the curriculum. Creative Curriculum focuses on 38 curriculum objectives and dimensions, which define the learning objectives and growth goals for children. Teachers record observations on children daily and input observations in each child's assessment portfolio which helps and supports teachers in identifying children who might benefit from extra help.

Student outcomes reports are reviewed by program management, center management and classroom staff throughout the school year. Using the reports, teachers are able to assess the needs and strengths of each child and individualize lesson plans and activities to promote each child’s development. Teachers review individualized lesson plans with parents at parent/teacher conferences. A final outcomes report measures the progress that all children have made during the program year and provides important information for planning for staff training and classroom needs.

Doors to Discovery curriculum focuses on developing language and literacy skill for a successful kindergarten transition. Key components of the program include letter recognition, letter sounds and a general understanding of reading and writing.

Photo of young boy wearing headphones and working at a computer.The Pyramid Model principles promote healthy social and emotional development for early learning and preventing challenging behaviors. The Pyramid Model curriculum supports the students’ development of self-discipline skills. All staff members receive The Pyramid Model training and work cooperatively to promote each student’s social and emotional growth.

In addition, New Castle County Head Start, Inc. establishes partnerships and pursues grant opportunities with education and non-profit organizations to continue enhancing and improving the Head Start curriculum. Head Start strives to serve as a leader in the implementation of the latest research on early childhood education. 

School Readiness Goals

New Castle County Head Start, Inc.'s School Readiness Goals are specific program areas of focus for the academic year that will improve student readiness for kindergarten.  These goals are established by the NCCHS Advisory Committee Board who reviews, aggregates and analyzes data from student and teacher assessment tools.  Domain areas with low growth are considered a priority in the development of the School Readiness Goals.